College Majors

Choosing A Major

Research shows that the following are the attributes of a strong major:

  • Prepares you for a career, graduate or professional school (for more information about employers’ expectations of college graduatesclick here to download, especially slides 53-55)
  • Respected by employers
  • Known for excellent teachers
  • Offers many courses in the field
  • Faculty are accessible to undergraduates
  • Respected by graduate and professional schools
  • Internships readily available
  • Major combines theory with hands-on learning
  • Able to customize major to meet your own special interests
  • Many professors who teach in the field
  • Off-campus learning opportunities encouraged
  • State of the art computer and technology equipment
  • Opportunities to research topics of interest to you

Imagine your future possible self: It is all about you.

One of the top of mind questions you will ask during your college selection process is, “Do you have the academic discipline I think I want to pursue and is it a strong department?”

Some of you will enter college knowing the major you want to pursue. Some of you will have no idea. Some of you will be somewhere in between. Some of you will change your major once, twice or even more

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick

Each of these is a viable option. Selecting the academic discipline you want to pursue is part of your college journey. (For one women’s college student’s experience, read Holly’s story in “A Life Well-Lived In a Venn Diagram”.)

Today – as fields of study, and careers and career paths develop and evolve, as colleges offer new majors, including multidisciplinary studies, dual degrees with other colleges and universities, and accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s programs of study – selecting the academic discipline you want to pursue is all about you: Your skills and abilities, interests, and personal and professional values.

As you explore the majors that colleges offer, look also at minors, internships, community service projects, extracurricular activities, study abroad opportunities and senior projects that round out your educational experience.

Check out the majors that women’s colleges offer:

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